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The hamburger Design office `Ambientshop` designs, realizes and markets under the labels TERRIFIC-TUBES.COM, BULBS-UNLIMITED.COM, Clocroc.com, Sylpo.de, LimpLamp, SMOC and Swing-Air designer lamps, Concrete wall clocks, furniture and exclusive home accessories from classically produced series articles for customers who Individuality, Appreciate style and product joke. All articles are characterized by individualizable individual components, which involve the customer in the design process. The Product portfolio is through advertising and in customer design Customizable products for events and gastronomy added.
New Product Range - Find maritime bracelets & smartphone necklaces in our webshop!

Our Products

Clocroc – Concrete Wall Clocks

Each clock case, one of a kind & nbsp; hand-casted to Portland recipe, powered by a Black Forest clockwork, refined and individualized in Uptown Hamburg. Clocroc is a customizable concrete clock for your home or office. Choose from a variety of clock face designs your favorite and complement your personally designed clock with a matching pointer set. Your company logo can also be poured directly into the concrete, as a perfect Christmas gift for your customers. The hands and the dial can be exchanged again and again, so you can change the wall clock again and again and adjust your interior.

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Terrific-Tubes – create you personal designer lamp

TERRIFIC-TUBES is a system with which you can design and change your personal designer lamp yourself in terms of shape, color, size, type and lampshade design. Inside the lampshades, glass tubes are connected modularly with special clips. By inserting motif film strips, the lampshade design can be exchanged in an instant and renewed over and over again.

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Smartphone Necklaces – Hand-rigged in Hamburg

Maritime mobile phone chains for brisk Deerns with salt water in the blood and urban skipper with enough depth. On the 7 oceans proven ship dam and robust rivets made of stainless steel, are the ingredients for handgetakelte mobile phone chains or smartphone necklaces / smartphone chains made at Hamburg's Waterkant.

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Swing-Air – XXL Lounge Cantilever

Swing-Air is a modern XXL In & Outdoor lounge cantilever chair. Product design, used components and lines were deliberately reduced to the essentials. In addition, the stainless steel tube frame provides maximum comfort and a high level of free-living comfort, thanks to the air-filled seat surface made of "(boat) fenders" whose degree of hardness can be changed and adapted to the individual sitting habits.

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Bulbs-Unlimited – Upcycling Designer Lamps made of Light Bulbs

The Bulbs Unlimited System combines commercial light bulbs (can also be crazy) with special push buttons to create spectacular light objects. The pushbuttons are simply glued to the surface of the lightbulbs using a special template, connecting them to individual designer luminaires. With the Bulbs Unlimited System you can rebuild different, classic light object shapes & ldquo; or construct your own individual models.

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maritime sailing rope bracelets

ANCORD  – maritime sailing rope bracelets

On the seven seas proven ship cords and sturdy boat fittings made of stainless steel and brass, are the DNA for hand-rigged bracelets, key chains and lanyards, made at Hamburg's waterfront. Inspired by traditional seaman's knots, maritime colors and the art of rigging and splicing nautical ropes, at Hamburg's Elbe shore, saltwater proofed accessories are manufactored, to escort your shore leave in a stylish-maritime manner.

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Kukui – Table Lamp with movable Lamp Shade

Transparency meets industrial design & nbsp; Kukui combines industrially-inspired product design with an extraordinary mix of materials to form a modern, modular, customizable side-table lamp with a movable shade. Create your personal Kukui table lamp from different screen and different cable variants. The selection comprises 6 screen or material variants and 3 cable types. The lampshades are movable and transform the classic table lamp into a reading light or a focusable spotlight in an instant.


Limp-Lamp Vino – Storm Laterns with your Grphics

The LimpLamp lantern range has been further developed and supplemented with new articles and accessories. You can design all lanterns in terms of motif, shape and size and adapt it to your own interior design style or for special events. Choose from over 350 different designs your favorite or send us your holiday pictures, your company logo or the motto of your event. The lantern for the wine glass is ideal for a wedding as part of your table decoration.

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EUC/PEV-Branded Hoodies & T-Shirts

NYC streetwear inspired hoodie & t-shirt collection with your wheel print. Regardless of whether you are on your wheel or just hanging out with your friends, with our branded shirts you have the perfect wheel or leisure look.


LUZY – Smartphone Lamp –Choose your favorite Theme …

Luzy turns your smartphone into a cozy light source on the go in no time. The screen is simply placed over the LED light of your smartphone and instantly spreads a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to Luzy, nights in hotels or tents with uncomfortable light are now a thing of the past. Upon request, we also design Luzy with your individual motif, company logo or product message.


Terrific-Tubes – style your personal Vase …

Terrific-Tubes designer vases can be designed and shaped according to your personal ideas. Simply clip clips and Glass Tubes & ldquo; & ldquo; and create your own favorite vase shape. Turn large vases into small ones in no time and vice versa. Due to the flexible clip connection, Terrific-Tubes designer vases can be brought into almost every conceivable shape and rearranged again and again.

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Kreidezeit – Your Canvas Wall Clockn

This modern wall clock, made of plastic or stainless steel, can be designed as often as you like with chalk or chalk markers. Just like a blackboard, the surface of the clock can be freely illustrated and cleaned with sponge and water. Create your own dial design or customize the clock for special occasions and events with your own chalk artwork or text messages. The hands and the dial are coated like a school blackboard and can be designed as often as you wish with commercial chalk or so-called chalk markers (wipe-off paint pens) in different colors and cleaned again and again.


CLOCROC – Wall Clocks made of Concrete – Put your Logo in the Customers Focus …

The wall clock as an ideal promotional item in the daily focus of the customer ... You want your company logo, your corporate design or your product message permanently in the customer's field of vision? With the Clocroc series of wall clocks, you have the opportunity to present your logo or your company colors as a separate dial design prominently and stylishly for the customer. Surprise your business partners with a German-made giveaway designed according to your ideas.


Slotty Light – Cloth Rack with LED Illumination

The SLOTTY wardrobe panel ensures an exemplary dress code of 100 cm in length and sets stylish light accents in the dressing area of your home or office thanks to the integrated LED light. 35 slots take coat hooks or hangers and provide space to create new disorder. Front panel and back panel are available in different colors and can be freely combined with each other. SLOTTY can be connected at the ends to extend modularly. The wardrobe box and accessories can be found in the webshop.


Customized Products – Your Logo or Product Message …

Put your offer, your product message, your claim or your logo in the right light: with the TERRIFIC TUBES / LimpLamp luminaire or lantern system, logos, company colors and advertising messages can be printed in photorealistic optics on the lampshade or on the lanterns. For this we use special, translucent foils, which are printed in high quality with your motif.


SMOC  – Smartphone Stand / Tablet Stand!

Smoc is literally a real milestone among smartphone holders or charging stations (smartphone dock and tablet dock). The dock is made of solid, hand-cast concrete whose incisive weight prevents it from slipping when typing on a desk. The silicone pads in different colors ensure a secure hold of the smartphone or tablet and protect the device surfaces. Ideal for Skype and facetimony conferences ...

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Paggio – Table Lamp with movable Lamp Shade

Clear edges and smooth lines, solid Portland concrete and velvety surfaces, table lamp, spotlight and reading lamp all come together in one product design & nbsp; Paggio combines apparently contradictory attributes to a modern LED filament lamp with hand-cast concrete base and translucent lampshade.


Sylpo – Kerzenhalter, Vase und Küstenschutz

Sylpo - The original Sylter miniature tetrapod pays homage to the striking breakwaters that protect Sylt's coasts from the harsh North Sea. Sylpo is made of hand-cast concrete and combines the candlestick, vase and coastal defense features into a double-feature design object. Each Tetrapode is a handmade unique. The elaborate casting process in specially developed concrete forms gives each specimen an incredibly fine and smooth surface finish ...


SMOOG! - Pendant Lamp made of Concrete

In its determination as hanging light source Smoog is responsible for pure concrete, velvety surface finish and customizable screen modules. Smoot transports the incorrigible design of the 1960's Togo Pinte into a light vehicle for modern living, dining or office areas and anywhere where a focused light with glare-free ambient lighting is in demand. The transparent diffuser provides on the one hand for direct lighting on a table or bar, but also radiates a diffused cozy light into the room.


Handge-Pack – Bottlecooler made of Concrete

Hand-bagged bottle cooler made of hand-cast concrete. The bottle cooler is simply placed in the fridge or freezer for 90 minutes before use and then keeps your beverage cans or beer bottles pleasantly cold. The on-the-go bottle cooler is poured by hand into special shapes and comes with a pleasantly smooth surface and practical carrying loop. Further information can be found here.



Customer Statements

What Customers say...


Dawanda Customer

Excellent! Delivery at lightning speed. Everything heals and even if a few glasses were broken, enough spare glasses were included. Assembly is easy thanks to the good instructions and goes quickly by the hand. Thanks for the great lamp.


Webshop Customer

Clocks are very beautiful, chic and punctual. Delivery was fast and without complications.

Advertising material - catchy articles with your company or product logo

You want to show your flag in a stylish and modern way?

The stylish communication of offers, product messages or logos on suitable advertising media, is and will be an important part of the overall presentation and customer approach in the advertising, catering, event and fair environment. As a result of advertising restrictions in the tobacco and alcohol segment, it is necessary to open up new formats and communication models that continue to ensure positive brand awareness and brand awareness among customers and guests. Illuminated branding cases and lanterns in mini-lamp design are a varied alternative to conventional table and table accessories.


Further information can be found on our product websites ...


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